Saturday, October 15, 2022 14:00 start

[Live streaming available] Sumida Classical Music Concert #10 (Sat)

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Announcement of performer change

Mr. Lars Vogt, who was scheduled to appear as a conductor and pianist in this performance, has passed away.
Since last year, Mr. Voigt has been performing while continuing to receive treatment for his illness. . We were looking forward to co-starring with Mr. Voigt after his recovery, and we were preparing for the official announcement after adjusting the replacement.

I sincerely pray that the soul rests in peace.

Upon this obituary, we will change the performers as follows.

[Sumida Classical Music Concert 10th] October 14th (Friday) and 15th (Saturday) Starts at 14:00 on both days

Conductor: Toshiyuki Kamioka (4th Music Music Director of New Japan Philharmonic) Piano: Kyoko Tabe
Flute: Seiya Ueno Harp: Ruriko Yamamiya (No change)

(There is no change in the program)

Expectations are high for the young performers who are currently attracting attention.





© Akira Mutoh


Toshiyuki Kamioka, conductor



Seiya Ueno, flute



Ruriko Yamamiya, harp



Kyoko Tabe, piano*



Ticket information

10/15 (Sat)

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New Japan Philharmonic Ticket Box

Weekdays: 10:00-18:00 / Saturdays: ~ 15:00 / Sundays and holidays: Closed

Release date (both released at 10:00)

- Reservations by phone: Until 18:00 on Friday, October 14
- Online reservation: Until 10/14 (Friday) 23:59
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-Half-price tickets for the second half: If there are remaining seats after the performance, they will be sold at half the regular price at the ticket window on the day from the intermission. You can enter after the break.

⚫︎Regular member [Continuous Ticket] 1/8 (Sat)
[Ticket・My plan] 1/17 (Monday)
[Single ticket] 5/28 (Sat)
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[Ticket・My plan] 1/18 (Tue)*
[Single ticket] 5/31 (Tue)※※
⚫︎ Customers other than the above
(general release)
[Continuous Ticket] 1/14 (Friday)
[Ticket・My plan] 1/24 (Monday)
[Single ticket] 6/4 (Sat)

*Applicable to those who purchased the 2021/22 season regular concert with My Plan
※※Applies to those who purchased the 2022/23 season regular concert with My Plan

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Seat typeS seat 1 time ticketA seat 1-time ticket
General4,500 yen2,000 yen
(65 years of age or older)
3,500 yen-
Student2,000 yen1,000 yen
Sumida Ward Residents/Workers and Supporting Members*3,000 yen1,500 yen

Elementary school student admission

*Sumida Ward Resident/Work Discount: Available only at the New Japan Philharmonic Ticket Box & Triphony Hall Ticket Center

* Supporting member discount: Available only with the New Japan Philharmonic ticket box

Ticket Pia P code: 216-843, Lawson ticket L code: 35611

Checklist at the time of the event

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Host/Co-sponsor/Special Sponsor/Subsidy

Organizer: New Japan Philharmonic
Co-organizer: Sumida Triphony Hall
Special Sponsors: ORIX, ORIX Miyauchi Foundation
Subsidies: Agency for Cultural Affairs Cultural Arts Promotion Expenses (performing arts creative activity revitalization project) | Japan Arts Council

Cultural Agency   

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