Information for individual members

We are participating in support circle for many people.
The warm support from everyone is indispensable for the activities of the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, growth and the development of Japanese music culture.

Membership benefits, Mini Concert / Social gathering

Those who support us prepare various benefits such as priority reservation of main concert ※ and discount sale etc. Thank you for your support.
※ There is also a performance that will not be covered. Please note.

Information on benefits for members

Membership system (type of membership)

Your support amountsubject
Supporting member (individual)Annual fee
1 unit = 30,000 yen
1 unit = 50,000 yen
1 unit = 250,000 yen
Anyone can help.
Individual SupporterAnnual fee
1 unit = 10,000 yen
Anyone can help.
New Japan Philharmonic "Sumida no Kai" (individual)Annual fee
1 unit = 10,000 yen
Those who live or work in Sumida Ward are eligible.

Application for admission

To apply for a supporting member (individual or corporate),
We accept it by fax or online.

Click here for inquiries about other support

When applying by fax (bank transfer)

After applying by fax, please make a transfer to the bank account specified by the financial institution that handles the transfer.
In addition, please bear the transfer fee. After confirming the transfer, we will send you a receipt.
*For the account number, etc., please check the contents of the fax application form.

Online application (credit card payment)

Credit card payment is available. Please follow the procedure on the dedicated site.
Only the receipt will be mailed at a later date.

Tax deduction for donations (individual tax system)

1. Income tax deduction

Due to the new tax credit system, donations to the orchestra are now eligible for tax credits in addition to the conventional "income deductions" as donation deductions. Donations made after May 11, 2012 can receive donation deductions by choosing the advantageous method of "income deduction" or "tax deduction".

① Tax deduction

The amount calculated by the following formula is deducted from income tax as "donation deduction"

Total amount of donation *1 - 2,000 yen) x 40% = deduction *2

② Income deduction

The amount calculated by the following formula is deducted from taxable income as "donation deduction"

(Total amount of donation *3 - 2,000 yen) = deduction amount

*1 The limit is 40% of annual income.
*2 The deduction amount is limited to 25% of the income tax amount.
*3 The limit is 40% of annual income.

Certificate download pertaining to tax deduction

2. Individual Inhabitant Tax Deduction

Donations may be subject to personal inhabitant tax in some prefectures and municipalities.
*The target area is the case where it is specified by the ordinance of the prefecture or municipality, so
For more information, please contact your prefectural or municipal office.

<Reference> The basic calculation method is as follows. (*The deductible amount is limited to 30% of the annual income amount.)

① Prefectural tax

Deduction amount = (donation amount - 2,000 yen) x 2%

② Municipal tax

Deduction amount = (donation amount - 2,000 yen) x 8%

3. Inheritance tax deduction

In donation of property acquired through inheritance, inheritance tax will not be applied to that donation.
The inheritance tax's deadline is within 10 months from the day after the deceased's death.

Inquiries about support

We welcome inquiries and consultations regarding support and donations.

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