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[Online Lecture 645th Regular Concert] <Let's find out with the members of the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra The charm of the orchestra! >


In addition to commentary by the navigator, this is an online lecture delivered by welcoming members of the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra.

The members of the orchestra, who have just finished rehearsals, will appear and talk about their interactions with the conductor, the atmosphere during the performance, and their thoughts on the song for the performance. You can also enjoy talks only here, such as a question corner from customers.

<Theme of this time> [Musicians who freely move between classical and modern]

This time's highlights and listening points!

♪Focusing on the fact that the conductor Emelyanichev and the pianist Melnikov have in common that they are virtuosos who can play both modern and ancient instruments freely.
♪ Haydn in classical music, Prokofiev in 20th century modernism, and Rachmaninov in romanticism.
♪ New Japan Philharmonic double bass player Yuko Muramatsu, Chief timpani player Tatsuya Kawase, and navigator Takuya Hiraoka will deliver fun and easy-to-understand stories, including rehearsals.

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⚫︎Date and time
October 31, 2022 (Monday) 20-21 (about 1 hour)
⚫︎Delivery method
Online meeting tool "Zoom"
⚫︎ Viewing ticket
500 yen
⚫︎How to apply
BASE or Peatix. (The 645th regular concert ticket and a special set ticket (handled only at BASE) are also available)

*You need to download "ZOOM Cloud Meetings" to participate in the event.

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Sumida Classical Music Concert 10th Live Live Streaming (October 15th (Sat))



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第644回定期演奏会〈サントリーホール・シリーズ〉 LIVE配信(10月3日(月)開催)



1,500円 ※【オンラインレクチャー】動画付は2,000円(いずれも税込)

* Membership registration (free) of "CURTAIN CALL" is required to view.
*You can watch live and archived broadcasts.


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