Ticket | Ticket・My plan

"Ticket · My Plan" can make your own favorite concert plan and enjoy.

It is a system that you can enjoy performances at great prices by booking 5 or more at a time from the Topaz, Jade and Ruby of the season program.
Purchase the same performances among couples and friends, buy the same performance by a combination of different seat types alone.
If it is "5 or more tickets", you can freely choose and combine!
Since all seasonal performances are all released at once, performances before the one-time ticket release can also be purchased at the same time during the season ~ late performance.



  • 優先発売(対象:定期会員・パトロネージュ会員)11/7(土)
  • 優先発売(対象:マイプラン会員)※11/12(木) 
  • 一般発売  11/19(木)



New Japan Philharmonic Ticket Online

(月~金:10時〜18時、土:10時〜15時 、日曜祝日は休み)

Tickets・My Plan Benefits

1. Affordable rates

If you book more than 5 tickets of each series below, you can enjoy at a great price than purchasing tickets for each performance.


トパーズ トリフォニー・シリーズ 19:15/14:00 各全7回


  • 2 discounts from regular 1 time ticket.


ジェイド サントリーホール・シリーズ 全7回

  • 2 discounts from regular 1 time ticket.


RUBY Afternoon Concert Series Friday / Saturday 8 times in total

  • 1 discount from regular 1 time ticket.

※My plan discount does not apply to silver (65 years old and over), student, residence / work for Sumida Ward, affiliate member fee.
However, it can be included in the number of tickets of My Plan.

2. All three performances of the series are released at once

It is possible to purchase the same performance with multiple pieces / combination of different seating types.
※Target: Topaz <Triphony Series>, Jade <Suntory Hall Series>, Ruby <Afternoon Concert Series>

3. Good seat early

Seats can be chosen earlier than general release.

4. Ticket priority reservation

You can reserve tickets for the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra's performance * ahead of general release.
(Set after the release date for regular members)
※Regular concerts, special concerts, etc. Partly excluded.