Efforts of the New Japan Philharmonic

The New Japan Philharmonic develops various educational and social activities such as music promotion activities for young people and performances at welfare facilities.

Since its birth in 1972 as an independently managed orchestra, the New Japan Philharmonic has worked to spread and develop Japanese art and culture. Furthermore, the opening of Sumida Triphony Hall in 1997 and the relocation of the base to the same hall had a great impact on the implementation of various community programs.
By gaining a base to act as the center of our activities, we have gained the core of the region where we carry out our community programs, which has further strengthened our ties with the region, and has led to the orchestra's recognition and significance.

Currently, we have expanded the range of our activities to Tsu City, Mie Prefecture, and Kani City, Gifu Prefecture, mainly in Sumida Ward, which is a franchise.
Sumida's ongoing commitment to community programs has also led to content that can respond to requests from regional hub cities.

Among the roles the orchestra plays in society and the community in the future, the possibilities of music art and the orchestra are spreading to the utmost.
The New Japan Phil will continue playing the music that reaches the hearts of everyone as an orchestra that nurtures the community and brings resonance between people.

“There are so many great songs in the world.
Let's have many people listen to attractive works regardless of genre.

New Japan Philharmonic World Dream Orchestra is a project launched in the summer of 2004 with composer Joe Hisaishi as Music Director. “There are so many great songs in the world. The greatest theme of the orchestra's activities is the desire to have many people listen to its attractive works regardless of genre.

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Activities rooted in Sumida

Following the declaration of the Sumida Ward music city concept in 1988, the New Japan Philharmonic which got the home of the wonderful music activity called "Sumida Trifony Hall" can be said to be an orchestra rooted in Sumida Ward.
With growing interest in the relationship between art and society, we are expanding our activities throughout the city as a collaborative work with the hall and developing programs to meet the diverse needs that are more contented.

Activities in Sumida Ward
History with the activity base "Sumida Triphony Hall"

Diverse performance activities at regional hub halls

In addition to Sumida-ku, Tokyo, the New Japan Philharmonic has signed regional base agreements with halls throughout the country, and is developing a variety of performance activities.

Activities at regional hall