Depending on the purchase method, the method of payment and the type of counterpart credit card and how to receive the tickets will differ.

Purchase on the Internet

全ての取扱い公演で 座席選択が可能で、お近くのセブン-イレブンでチケットをお受取していただけます。

Purchase tickets on PC / Smartphone / Tablet


Ticket onlinePlease access.


Please register as a member for the first time.If you are already registered please enter your email address and password.


Please select the desired performance, seat, number of sheets, payment method.


Booking is done!



New Japan Philharmonic Ticket Online



docomo、au、Softbankなど各キャリアのセキュリティ設定のためユーザー受信拒否と認識されているか、お客様の迷惑メール対策などでドメイン指定受信を設定されていると、メー ルが届かない場合がございます。njp.or.jp】を受信できるように設定をお願いします。設定方法は各キャリアのウェブサイトでご確認ください。
docomo │ au │ Softbank



Yahoo!メール │ Hotmail │ Gmail

Payment method

  • 1.Credit card (MASTER/VISA/JCB)
  • 2.セブン-イレブン店舗レジで支払い(現金・nanaco・クレジットカード)

※ Tickets The following fee will be borne by the customer in using online.

  • サービス利用料:1件につき¥110
  • 発券手数料:1件につき¥165

Acceptance method


Purchase by phone · fax

Continuous tickets, my plan, one ticket all correspond. Tickets will be delivered by ordinary mail (free shipping).



Weekdays: 10:00〜18:00, Sat: 10:00〜15:00, day holidays

※ On the day of release date, you may get crowded with your phone. I'm sorry to hesitate, but if you are busy, please leave some time and try again.

※ On the day of the concert, we may close the work as soon as possible.



24 hours reception

※ Please specify the schedule of the concert, seating type, number of sheets, customer's name, address, telephone number, fax number clearly, please send.

Payment method

  • 2. Transfer (convenience store / post office / bank)

After reservation, we will send you a seat confirmation letter and a bill. Please transfer to designated account.

※ Transfer fee will be borne by the customer. Please note.

Acceptance method

Delivery by ordinary mail (free shipping).Or you can receive it at the secretariat.

Purchase at shop front

You can purchase tickets at New Japan Philharmonic Ticket Online Antenna Shop (Branch office).
In addition to purchasing tickets while watching the remaining seat status on the spot, we also sell NJP goods etc. Please come and visit us.

New Japan Philharmonic Ticket Online Antenna Shop (Branch office)


※ The first day of sale will be accepted by phone only. Please acknowledge it humbly.

Purchase with Ticket Agency

Since the handling varies depending on the performance, please confirm with each performance information in detail.

※ サントリーホール公演のみ連続券、1回券のみ
カンフェティチケットセンター0120-240-540 (オペレーター対応、通話料無料)
インターネットで購入 (1回券のみ)
    Continuous Ticket My plan One ticket
Triphony Hall Ticket Center 03-5608-1212(電話:10:00~18:00/土日休まず営業)
※ すみだトリフォニーホール公演のみ
Ticket Pia 0570-02-9999
E Plus Inc.Seat selection possible Purchase on the Internet ×
LAWSON TicketSeat selection possible 0570-000-407(オペレーター対応10:00~20:00)※受付休止中(~2020/5/10)
※ローソン店頭Loppi でも購入できます。
  • Triphony Hall Ticket Center
    • 03-5608-1212 (11:00~18:00/土日休まず営業) 
      ※ すみだトリフォニーホール公演のみ
    • Continuous Ticket ○
    • My plan ×
    • 1回券 ○
  • Suntory Hall Ticket Center
    • 0570-55-0017
    • Continuous Ticket ○
    • My plan ×
    • 1回券 ○
  • LAWSON TicketSeat selection possible
    • 0570-000-407(オペレーター対応10:00~20:00)※受付休止中
      ※ローソン店頭Loppi でも購入できます。
    • Continuous Ticket ○
    • My plan ×
    • 1回券 ○
  • Confetti Ticket Center

We also accept applications with organizations.Please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • To plan welfare activities in workplace / union etc.
  • For viewing with friends from neighborhood · PTA etc.
  • School's art appreciation society · Audio-visual classroom etc.

Continuous Ticket

It is a set ticket that you can enjoy at the same seat throughout the season. Besides getting the most affordable, full of benefits unique to continuous tickets!

Ticket・My plan

It is a system that you can enjoy performances at affordable prices by booking 5 or more at a time from targeted performances.

One ticket

You can purchase it for each performance. Ticket release date will be different for each performance.

Member's Card

Entry fee · Annual membership fee is free, and each one ticket by the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra is 10% OFF which is a profitable card.There are discount benefits etc. at affiliated restaurants near the hall.