January 3, 2023 (Tuesday) 14:00 start

Orix Presents New Year Concert 2023

NJPcard discountSumida Ward Resident/work/student discount availableChildcare service information availableElementary school students arewelcome






Maiku Shibata, conductor


©Yoshinobu Fukaya/aura.Y2


Ena Miyachi, soprano


2nd Violin

ビルマン 聡平

Sohei Birmann



Nahoko Tazoe, MC



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New Japan Philharmonic Ticket Box

Weekdays: 10:00-18:00 / Saturdays: 10:00-15:00 / Sundays and holidays: Closed

Release date (both released at 10:00)

⚫︎Regular member/Patronage member 8/20 (Sat)
⚫︎ My plan member 8/23 (Tue)
*Applicable to those who purchased the 2022/23 season regular concert with My Plan
⚫︎ Customers other than the above
(general release)
General release 8/27 (Sat)

- Reservation by phone: Until 18:00 on Thursday, December 29
-Online reservation: Until 23:59 on 1/2 (Mon/holiday)
-Same-day tickets: From 13:00, S seats (5 tickets or less) and A seats will be sold at the ticket window on the day (SS seats sold out)


SS seat¥ 8,000
S seat general5,000 yen
S seat Silver (65 years old and over) / Resident/Work/Study in Sumida Ward*3,000 yen
A seat general2,500 yen
Junior high school students and younger S seat/A seat1,000 yen
[Free admission for children under the age of 18] Agency for Cultural Affairs children's cultural and artistic activity support project (children's appreciation experience support project for theaters, music halls, etc.)

*Sumida Ward Resident/Work/Student: Limited number of seats available at the New Japan Philharmonic Ticket Box

Sumida Triphony Hall 3 out of the 3 performances during the year-end and New Year holidays, if you purchase the same number of S seats for 2 or more performances at the same time, you will get a 30% discount from the list price!

■ You can choose your favorite seat for each performance

Ninth + Jill Vester + New Year
List price ¥ 20,000 → ¥ 14,000

Ninth + Jill Vester
List price ¥ 15,000 → ¥ 10,500

Ninth + New Year
List price ¥ 14,000 → ¥ 9,800

Jill Vester + New Year
List price ¥ 11,000 → ¥ 7,700

* Limited to the same number of purchases for each performance.
* Cannot be combined with other discounts
* Handling at New Japan Philharmonic

〇New Japan Philharmonic Ticket Box TEL.03-5610-3815

Ticket Pia P code: 223-930 Lawson ticket L code: 32562

Sponsor/Special Sponsor/Subsidy/Support

Organizer: New Japan Philharmonic / Sumida Triphony Hall
Special Sponsor: ORIX Corporation / ORIX Miyauchi Foundation
Grant: Agency for Cultural Affairs Children's Cultural and Artistic Activity Support Project
Support: Sumida Ward Board of Education

  Cultural Agency

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  • Performers and tracks may be changed without notice at their convenience.
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  • We do not accept refunds, changes, cancellations, etc. of tickets after reservation / purchase except in case of cancellation of concert.
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