[Free invitation for children under 18 years old] Agency for Cultural Affairs Children's Cultural Arts Activity Support Project (Children's Appreciation Experience Support Project for Theaters, Music Halls, etc.)

The Agency for Cultural Affairs Children's Culture and Arts Support Project (Children's Appreciation Experience Support Project for Theaters and Music Halls) is an opportunity for children to appreciate and experience culture and art at theaters and music halls under the influence of the new coronavirus infection. In view of the fact that many of them have been lost, we support efforts for children under the age of 18 to appreciate the performance art that is performed at the same level as theater and music for free.

New Japan Philharmonic invites children under the age of 18 to the following performances.

【Qualification requirements】

「6」「8」以外 小学1年~18歳以下/「6」と「8」4歳~18歳以下(※公演当日時点)


(1)~(7)9月1日(木) 10:00~ (8)9月21日(水)~
ご希望の方は、以下の申込フォーム(Google Form)よりお申込下さい。


* In principle, applications are accepted on the WEB on a first-come, first-served basis. After receiving your application, we will contact you by email within a few days. Please set in advance so that you can receive emails from "@njp.or.jp". Please note that if you are unable to send an email, or if your entry is incomplete, your application may be rejected.

*Seats for applicants will be prepared in the seating area for free invitations. Companions cannot purchase adjacent seats. If you are accompanied by a companion, please purchase a general sales seat separately. If it is difficult for the applicant to view the work alone, please refrain from doing so.


新日本フィル・チケットボックス TEL:03-5610-3815(平日10-18時、土10-15時、日祝 休)

* Applicants cannot choose their seat or seat type. Please note.

*This ticket is non-transferable. No one other than the person who registered at the time of application can enter.

On the day of the performance, please bring something that can prove your name and age (student ID card, health insurance card, etc.).