[Fully booked] Knowing this will make your concert even more enjoyable! 11:00 a.m. 60-minute one-coin lecture (June 2024)

Lectures will be held on the days of the 2024/2025 season "Sumida Classical Music Concert" performances on Friday, June 21st and Saturday, June 22nd.

In order to enjoy 120% of the "Sumida Classical Music Concert", which starts at 2:00 pm, we will dig deeper into the program notes (commentary on the songs) and explain them in a fun way using sound sources and images!
In just 60 minutes, we promise that you will be able to enjoy listening to any song instantly.
Why don't you prepare quickly in 1 hour on the day of the concert?
(Lecturer Takayuki Komuro)


[Lecturer Profile] Takayuki Komuro (Music Writer / University Faculty)

After studying composition and musicology at a music college, as a music writer, he writes commentary on songs, mainly classical and jazz, and interviews with famous artists. In addition to working as a part-time lecturer at Wayo Women's University, her commentary on movie music on TBS Radio is often popular.

Outline of the event

● Date and time:

Friday, June 21, 2024 11:00~ Sumida Triphony Hall
Reception starts at 10:40 at the dressing room entrance on the 1st floor
*Please note that the venue will be different from usual, so the capacity will also be different.

6/22(土)11:00~ すみだトリフォニーホール 
1F楽屋口にて 10:40~受付

●Lecturer: Mr. Takayuki Komuro

●Target audience: Those who have tickets for the "Sumida Classical Music Concert 24th" on June 21st (Fri) and June 22nd (Sat)

●Participation fee: 500 yen per person (to be paid at the time of registration on the day)

●定員:6/21(金)40名【満席のため締切】 、6/22(土)40名【満席のため締切】 

* First-come-first-served basis.

How to apply

■E-mail でお願いします。
culture@njp.or.jp へ下記項目をお送りください。
① お名前・座席番号(ご参加希望の方全員分)② ご住所 ③お電話番号

●Application deadline: Wednesday, June 12th [Registration closed for both days due to full capacity]

* We will contact you 7 days before the event only if you are unable to participate due to over capacity, so please come directly to the reception on the day.

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