Orchestra member introduction


Hokuto Oka

Hokuto Oka


Ladies and gentlemen

Nice to meet you, this is Hokuto Oka, the oboe.
A tense atmosphere before the concert begins.
Orchestra tuning (Oboe is now the turn here!).
Fortissimo that resonates in the body.
Breathtakingly quiet pianissimo.
Customer's bravo voice (I'm restrained now,,,).
There are many things that can only be experienced at a live concert. Please come to the concert of the New Japan Philharmonic.
See you in the hall!


Graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of Arts. After graduating, he performed at the Yamaha Wind Instrument Newcomer Concert. Completed master's course at Tokyo University of the Arts. Then study abroad in Berlin. Studied under Mr. G. Witt, Chief oboist of the Berlin State Opera Orchestra. Returned to Japan after obtaining a national performer qualification at the Rostock University of Music and Theater in Germany.

Performed at RISONARE Music Festival, Kusatsu International Music Academy & Festival, La Folle Journée Music Festival, Kitakyushu International Music Festival, Karuizawa International Music Festival, etc.
He has studied the oboe under Setsuko Morita, Kozo Kakizaki, Junya Watanabe, Yoshiaki Obata, Yutaka Kobayashi, O. Winter, and G. Witt.

Tokyo Junior Orchestra Society Lecturer. Part-time lecturer at Aichi University of the Arts. Yokohama Sinfonietta member. After working with the Tokyo University of the Arts Philharmonia Orchestra, he has been the Chief oboist of the New Japan Philharmonic since August 2022.


Flute & Piccolo

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