Guest introduction

Conductor: Ayumu Kuwata

Ayumu Kuwata, conductor


Born in Tsuchiura City. After graduating from the high school attached to the Tokyo College of Music, he studied abroad at the Vienna City Conservatory in 1987.
Received the special prize at the 10th Kirishima International Music Festival and the highest honorary prize at the Chigiana Conservatory in Italy. He studied cello under Ryosuke Hori, J. Bairov, and D. Shafran, and chamber music under R. Brengola. Returned to Japan in 1991.

He has served as the Chief player of the Gunma Symphony Orchestra and Shinsei Nippon Symphony Orchestra (now the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra), and frequently appears as a soloist at regular concerts. Received the committee special award for the performance of the composition section of the 68th Music Competition of Japan. Since 1999, he has been the cellist of the NHK Symphony Orchestra, serving as assistant Chief and acting principal until his retirement in May 2020.

イクス アンサンブル メンバー、東京ジュニアオーケストラソサエティ講師。昭和音楽 大学客員教授。