Guest introduction

Moderator: Mizuho Iwasaki

Mizuho Iwasaki, MC


Active as an MC and singing sister at concerts and events.

As a singing sister at "Shimajiro Concert", she traveled around the country for 4 years and became a popular person.

Even now, under the nickname of "Mizuho Onee-san", she serves as the main moderator of the "Zoorasian Brass/Ongaku no Ehon" concert, bringing smiles to people all over the country. also serve.

In addition to acting as a host, he has also been in charge of dance choreography for concerts and DVDs of "Zoorasian Brass", as well as TV hero programs and movies.

She continues to work as a dance teacher at various dance studios and children's centers, and is active in many fields such as singing, dancing, and hosting. Born and raised in Sumida Ward, Tokyo.