Original T-shirts for sale: "Michiyoshi Sensei's World Travels"

New Japan Philharmonic Original T-shirts for the special concert "CCC presents Michiyoshi Inoue The Final Part II: Mr. Michiyoshi's World Tour" to be held at Sumida Triphony Hall on Saturday, 2024615 will be available. Michiyoshi Inoue Printed with design drawings by Mr.

◆T-shirts are available in sizes S to XL. (We apologize if they are sold out.)
Size (length/width) *Unisex size
S: 67cm/45cm M: 70cm/48cm L: 73cm/51cm XL(2L): 76cm/54cm
The T-shirts are made by Kume Textile Industry, a long-established domestic T-shirt manufacturer that Sumida Ward is proud of. They are durable and extremely comfortable to wear!

How to purchase

June 15th (Saturday) in the concert hall lobby

Price: 3,000 yen (tax included)
*Only customers who have purchased a concert ticket and entered the hall can purchase tickets.