Perfect for your summer vacation independent study! "Zoorassian Brass vs. New Japan Philharmonic: Midsummer Red and White Classic Battle 2024!!"

At the "Zoorassian Brass VS New Japan Philharmonic Midsummer Red and White Classical Battle 2024!!" to be held on July 13th (Sat) and 15th (Mon, holiday) 2024, we will be distributing "interview sheets" to all attendees.

How to use

[1] After listening to the concert, please send any questions your child may have to New Japan Philharmonic by email or fax (until July 31, 2024).
*When sending us an email, you can either write your questions in the email or write them on the Interview Sheet, scan it, and attach it to the email.

[2] New Japan Philharmonic will respond to you via email or fax (to the address you specify).

[3] Writing down your thoughts after reading the reply will help you understand the message better.

[4] Use the “interview sheet” to create a homemade wall newspaper or picture diary, and your summer vacation independent study will be complete!

Target Performance