April-September 2024 Chamber Music Series 2024/2/10 (Sat) Tickets on sale to the general public

New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra members select and plan programs from their own unique perspectives in the ``Chamber Music Series - Orchestra Member Producer Edition''. There will also be a pre-talk by the performers before the performance.

New Japan Philharmonic 's "Chamber Music Series" has continued since 2004. Started with the aim of improving the ensemble performance of orchestra members and reaching new music fans, in April 2015, the title “Member Producer Edition” was added, and it has become a popular series with over 160 performances to date. . It has been well-received as a project that is different from orchestral performances, in which the orchestra members select the theme themselves, select the music, and even produce the arrangements for the co-stars, allowing you to enjoy the individuality of New Japan Philharmonic 's individual players and the charm of the instruments. I am.
Producers for the first half of the new season starting in April 2024 are NJP horn player Marie Fujita (April), NJP contrabass and Vorspieler Shiro (May), and NJP concertmaster Tatsuro Nishie (7). April), and NJP cellist Samuel Ericsson (September). Please look forward to our carefully selected programs. Tickets will go on sale to the general public from Saturday, February 10, 2024.

■ Ticket release date (all from 10:00)

●Priority sale (target: regular members and patronage members) 2024/2/3 (Sat)
●Priority sale (Target: My Plan members *Applicable to those who purchased the 2023/24 or 2024/25 season regular concert with Ticket・My plan) February 8th (Thursday)
●General sale 2/10 (Sat)

Venue: Sumida Triphony Hall Small Hall

[Single ticket] ¥3,000 [4 Continuous Ticket] ¥10,800 [Pre-talk by performers from 19:00]

Chamber Music Series XXI ~ Musician Producer Edition ~ (first half) #165 “The charm of chamber music spun by trio” Produced by Marie Fujita (NJP horn player)

Monday, April 22, 2024 19:15 start


Gustav Jenner: Trio in E flat major for clarinet, horn and piano
Bartók: Contrasts Sz. 111 BB 116 (1938)
Brahms: Horn Trio in E flat major op. 40


Violin: Yasumi Tamura Clarinet: Yuka Ota Horn: Marie Fujita Piano: Nozomi Matsumoto

Chamber Music Series XXI ~Member Producer Edition~ (first half) #166 Produced by Mantaro Shiro (NJP Contrabass Vorspieler)

May 13, 2024 (Monday) 19:15 Start


Phalanque: Piano Quintet No. 1 in A minor op. 30
Mendelssohn: Piano Sextet in D major op. 110


Violin: Tatsuro Nishie Viola: Saeko Wakiya, Yuko Hidaka Cello: Samuel Ericsson Double bass: Mitsutaro Shiro Piano: Minako Kishi

Chamber Music Series XXI ~Member Producer Edition~ (first half) #167 Produced by Tatsuro Nishie (NJP Concertmaster)

July 8, 2024 (Monday) 19:15 start


JS Bach (ed. John Bernstein): Come, Savior of the Heathens, BWV 659
Dvorak: No. 4 from Cypress for String Quartet B. 152 “Ah, the happiness we seek in our love will not blossom.”
Edvard Mirzoyan: String Quartet in D minor
Sergei Taneyev: Piano Quintet in G minor op. 30


Violin: Tatsuro Nishie, Mai Tategami Viola: Ena Naka Cello: Samuel Ericsson Piano: Yusuke Kikuchi

Chamber Music Series XXI ~Member Producer Edition~ (first half) #168 Produced by Samuel Ericsson (NJP cellist)

Tuesday, September 17, 2024 19:15 start


Svante Henrison: Suite Off Pist
Jean Kura: String Trio
Josef Labois: Piano Quintet in E minor op. 3


Violin: Mai Tategami Viola: Yuko Hidaka Cello: Samuel Samuel Ericsson Double bass: Ryotaro Harada Piano: Nanako Kurita