An online lecture will be held on 3/1 that will make the 647th regular concert absolutely fun!

We will hold an online lecture that will give you a good idea of what to listen to at the 647th regular concert (March).
A lot of hints to enjoy the regular concert that decorates the last of this season!

「実はとってもロマンチックなシェーンベルクとその仲間たち」~新日本フィルの楽団員&音楽ライター小室敬幸さんと見つけよう オーケストラの魅力!~

■出演者:佐々木絵理子(新日本フィル 第2ヴァイオリン・フォアシュピーラー)、鈴木崇弘(新日本フィルバストロンボーン奏者)

Viewing ticket (with archive) 500 yen




In addition to commentary by a navigator, this is an online lecture delivered by members of the New Japan Philharmonic about the appeal of the three new Viennese schools (Webern, Berg, and Schoenberg) who were active in Vienna in the early 1900s and their music. The members of the orchestra, who have just finished rehearsals, will appear and talk about their interactions with the conductor, the atmosphere during the performance, and their thoughts on the song for the performance.

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  • Webern: Passacaglia op. 1
  • Berg: Violin Concerto (Violin: Christian Tetzlaff)
  • Schoenberg: Symphonic Poem "Pelléas et Mélisande" op. 5