Guest introduction


Soprano: Erika Colon

Erika Colon, soprano


After studying education at the Sacred Heart Women's University Graduate School, she graduated from the Royal Academy of Music with an award of excellence.
Debuted at Wigmore Hall in the same year.
He has devoted himself to the field of oratorio, including acting as a soloist at the Mozart Festival (Brussels), the Sacred Music Festival (Florence), and the 150th Anniversary of Japan-British Diplomatic Relations Messiah (London).
His representative song is "Homage to the A-bombed Maria" composed by his father, Eric Colon, with a wish for peace.
Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, he has been involved in the establishment of El Sistema Japan, the establishment of the White Hands Chorus, and has taught music to children with various disabilities, including those who are deaf. He is currently the representative director of El Sistema Connect and the artistic director of White Hand Chorus NIPPON.