Guest introduction


Conductor and piano: Akira Miyagawa

Akira Miyagawa, conductor, piano


Composer/Born in Tokyo in 1961

Debuted as a composer with music for shows such as Shiki Theater Company and Tokyo Disneyland. Since then, he has worked on many musicals and stage music. Representative works include "ONE MAN'S DREAM", "Sintokugan", "The Hit Parade", "Matsuken Samba II", "Shakespeare in Tenpo 12", and "DOROTHY ~The Wizard of Oz~".

He is also energetically involved in performance activities, and holds concerts of various projects all over Japan with the belief that "a concert is a show". Composing, arranging, conducting, playing the piano, and commentary all by himself, the concert is "Future Music Class! Akira Juku", "Akira Miyagawa × Yoshikazu Mera Futari Kayo Show", "Akira's Academy", "From 0 years old" The pantomime orchestra of ”, showing a variety of styles, and is familiar to a wide range of people.

In charge of music and appeared on NHK E-tele "Quintet" BS2 "Doremifa Wonderland" BS Premium "Akira Miyagawa's Showtime". Music for the opera "Tomorrow's Eyes", anime "Kirby's Dream Land", "Space Battleship Yamato 2199/2202", NHK Thursday period drama "Chikaemon", TV drama series "Hiyokko", opening theme for "The 68th Kohaku Uta Gassen" , 2020/21 All Japan Brass Band Contest set song "Our Invention", etc.

2022 Published essay collection "Akira-san is a genius who enjoys music" (NHK Publishing).