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Know the New Japan Philharmonic | Activities at regional halls

Besides Tokyo and Sumida-ku, the New Japan Phil has a variety of performance activities as well as regional base contracts with the following halls.

Mie prefectural culture hall

Over the years, we have concerts with the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra and conduct regular concerts. In addition to the orchestra performances, activities focusing on education, such as guidance of the Mie Junior Orchestra and guidance of performance by members of the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra who can take children from adults, are in development.
Also, Mie prefecture's own fan club and so on are organized.

  • Orchestra performance: twice a year
  • Teaching Mie Junior Orchestra: About three times a month (about 30 times a year)
  • Musical instrument performance guidance (target: amateur musicians living, working and studying in Mie prefecture): All instruments held from January to February every year
  • Mie · Youth · Wind · Orchestra meets New Japan Phil Brass (Wind music band organized from junior high and high school in Mie Prefecture, performance guidance): About seven times a year

〒514-0061 三重県津市一身田上津部田1234 TEL. 059-233-1112

Kani Public Arts Center ala

Since 2008, we have concluded a regional base agreement with two organizations "Theater company literature school" and "New Japan Philharmonic", and we are carrying out workshops and outreach activities as well as performances.

  • Orchestra performance: twice a year
  • Visit play at school · welfare facility etc: twice a year
  • Home · Coming (gift of concert by public offering): once a year
  • Performance instruction (target: junior high school students in the city): once a year etc.