Ticket | Continuous ticket

"Continuous tickets" can be enjoyed at the same seat throughout the season.

Continuous tickets can be enjoyed at the same seats throughout the season, as well as a lot of benefits. Please use all means.

Release date

  • 各シリーズ連続券 優先発売日2019年6月8日(土)※1
  • マイプラン会員優先発売日2019年6月10日(月)※2
  • 一般発売日 2019年6月15日(土)

※1 Priority release target: regular members, patronage members
※2 マイプラン優先発売対象:2018/2019シーズン チケットマイプランご購入者の方

New Japan Philharmonic Ticket Online

(Weekday: 10 to 18 o'clock, Saturday: 10 o'clock to 15 o'clock, Sunday and national holidays are closed)

Continuous Ticket Benefits

1. Affordable rates

You can enjoy at a great price than purchasing tickets for each performance.
※ Please acknowledge when it becomes full with continuation.


トパーズ トリフォニー・シリーズ 19:15/14:00 各全7回


  • S席¥34,300(1回券定価 ¥49,000)
  • A席¥29,400(1回券定価 ¥42,000)
  • B席¥24,500(1回券定価 ¥35,000)
  • C席¥19,600(1回券定価 ¥28,000)


ジェイド サントリーホール・シリーズ 全7回

    • S seat ¥ 39,200 (1 ticket regular price ¥ 56,000)
    • A席¥34,300(1回券定価 ¥49,000)
    • B席¥26,950(1回券定価 ¥38,500)
    • C席¥22,050(1回券定価 ¥31,500)
    • P席¥19,600(1回券定価 ¥28,000)*

*In 10/27 (# 596), 3/30 (# 602) performances there is no preparation for P seat.


RUBY Afternoon Concert Series Friday / Saturday 8 times in total

  • S seat ¥ 28,800 (1 ticket regular price ¥ 36,000)
  • S seat silver (over 65 years old) ¥ 28,000
  • S seat student ¥ 16,000
  • S seat Living and working in Sumida ward ※ ¥ 24,000
  • A seat ¥ 12,800 (1 ticket regular price ¥ 16,000)
  • A seat student ¥ 8,000
  • A seat Living and working in Sumida ward ※ ¥ 24,000

※Tickets are general tickets only. Handled only at New Japan Phil Ticket Box & Triphony Hall Ticket Center. There is a fee for supporters for support members.

2. Good seat quickly

Prior to launching a one-time ticket or ticket · my plan, you can choose your seat first.

3. In your concert, your designated seat

You can enjoy at the same seat throughout the season. You can continue to the next season for your favorite seats.

4. Ticket priority reservation

You can reserve tickets for the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra's performance * ahead of general release.
※Regular concerts, special concerts, etc. Partly excluded.

5. Ticket transfer service

①トパーズ 19:15/トパーズ 14:00/ジェイド 間、②ルビーの金曜/土曜 間 同月の演奏会であればお振替え可能です。

※Jade members will be able to transfer if there is sapphire in the same month. (However, transfer from sapphire to Jade can not be done)







※It is a limited service for those with a continuous ticket.

※You can not transfer between Topaz or Jade and Ruby.


※As a rule, prepared in the same seating type.If the seat type is changed, you may get the difference.
(However, TOPAZ <Trifony Series> C seat ↔ JADE <Suntory Hall Series> C, P seat)

※We can not do the designation of seat or cancellation of transfer once applied.

6. Presentation of continuing benefits goods

For those who have continued regular membership, I will give you the not-for-sale goods of the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra.

7. Franchise service

Of the Sumida Trifony Hall organized performances, a one-time ticket of the New Japan Philharmonic Performance designated by Sumida Triphony Hall will be a discount. (There is some exclusion)