Announcement of New Japan Philharmonic x Mukaijima Bokutsumi Union “Kenban Concert”

The culture of geishas rooted in Sumida's red-light district, Mukojima, which has flourished since the Edo period, and the geisha culture based in Sumida.
A unique collaboration featuring a string quartet performed by members of New Japan Philharmonic.
A valuable concert that fuses the different cultures of Japan and the West is here!
Kenban (kenban = office that arranges and practices geishas) is rarely open to the public, and is luxurious.
Enjoy your time.


Saturday, March 23, 2024 1st show starts at 12:00 (doors open at 11:40) / 2nd show starts at 15:30 (doors open at 15:10)
Capacity: 100 people each time ★ Numbered tickets will be distributed at 10:30 for both 1st and 2nd times.

Approximately 45 minutes each time Free admission
Please select either "morning" or "afternoon" for your numbered ticket.
Venue: Mukojima Bokutsumi Association

♪A string quartet will perform in front of the gate entrance 10 minutes before each performance.


string quartet performance

  • Vivaldi/“Spring” 1st movement from “The Four Seasons”
  • Mozart/String Quartet No. 14 in G major “Spring” K.387
  • Rentaro Taki/“Flower” from “Kumiuta Shiki”

Performance by Mukajima Geishas

Small song ``Harukasumi Hikuya'', small song ``Yozakuraya'', folk song ``Yuko-san''

Collaboration between New Japan Philharmonic members and Mukajima Geishas

From the long song “Miyakodori” and the long song “Hanami Odori”

*The video will be distributed at a later date as "Machikado Distribution".


Mukojima Bokutsumi Geisha Association

  • Cubic…Sagane Chiaki Manten Chiemi Masaki Saku
  • Local...Song) Hiro Fuuko Shamisen) Yuri Rika Hayashi) Kintaro Kurumi Ririko Masaki Saku

New Japan Philharmonic members

Violin Masahide Denda/Sakiko Yabe Viola Yoichi Yoshituru Cello Samuel Ericsson

Access to Mukojima Bokutsumi Association

Mukojima Bokutsumi Association
2-9-9 Mukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
From "Oshiage Station" Exit A3
13 minutes walk (approx. 900m)
From "Tokyo Skytree Station"
15 minutes walk (approx. 1km)
★There is no parking lot at the venue.
Please use public transportation when visiting.

Mukojima Bokutsumi Association

The Mukojima Bokutsumi Association is an association formed by the 11 restaurants on Mukojima and the 80 or so geishas who serve there.They communicate on a daily basis and hold presentations of the Mukaijima geisha's performance called ``Mukojima Odori.'' We manage various events such as geisha teahouses and cherry blossom viewing parties.
The building where this association's office is located is called ``Kenban,'' and in Mukojima, it is given the kanji ``Kenban.''
This observation hall also has a large hall with a stage covered with curtains, where geishas practice Japanese dance, long songs, Kiyomoto, flute, and taiko drums. Website

Sponsored by: New Japan Philharmonic
Co-sponsor: Mukojima Bokutsumi Association
Grant: Sumida Dream Support Grant Project