Report on activities subsidized by SARTRAS (General Incorporated Association, Association for the Management of Public Transmission Compensation Funds for Teaching Purposes)

New Japan Philharmonic received a grant from SARTRAS (Society for the Management of Public Transmission Compensation for Educational Purposes), and in order to spread awareness of the music copyright system, we have combined performances and explanations of the system for elementary, junior high, and high school students. We have started outreach activities. We would like to report on our activities so far.

outreach activities



普段授業でヴァイオリンを習われている児童の皆さんに金管五重奏の響きを堪能してもらい、 原口直先生の動画でしっかりと学習していただきました。




浅間山の麓、長野県御代田町のエコールみよたにて、アウトリーチを開館20周年記念公演として開催し、御代田北小と御代田南小5年・6年の皆さん、御代田中1年・2年の皆さんにお聴きいただき、原口先生の解説動画で学習していただきました。 御代田町は作曲科・武満徹さんが山荘を構えたところということで、武満徹さんの名曲「翼」も演奏しました。






I have been doing outreach work that also serves as performance guidance for the orchestra club of International Christian University High School in Koganei City, Tokyo. This time, we had Mr. Nao Haraguchi, an online school copyright navigator, explain the meaning and importance of the copyright system online.

When students listened to the performances by members of New Japan Philharmonic, they said, ``The tone is amazing!'' which was a reaction that only students who play musical instruments themselves could have. We were then divided into parts and received lessons from New Japan Philharmonic 's "teachers". Finally, the students and members of New Japan Philharmonic performed Beethoven's Symphony No. 1. Over time, everyone's sounds became richer.


We visited Hakomine Shirayuri Gakuen Junior and Senior High School in Gora, Hakone Town, Kanagawa Prefecture. In front of 1st to 3rd year junior high school students and 1st to 2nd year high school students, a string ensemble of 12 members performed the first movement of Vivaldi's ``Winter'' from ``The Four Seasons'' (solo: Special Concert Master Masahide Denda). Joe Joe Hisaishi: We played “Ponyo on the Cliff.” This time, we asked Mr. Nao Haraguchi, a school copyright navigator, to create a copyright explanation video for students to watch and learn about. At the end, the students had the opportunity to become ``demonstrators'' by singing the school song with string accompaniment.


As the first step in our activities, we visited Gyousei Elementary School in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.

In front of all the school children from 1st to 6th grade, a 12-member string orchestra performed songs such as Tchaikovsky's 2nd movement of String Serenade and "Let it go" from the Disney movie, and explained the significance of the copyright system and the role of SARTRAS. I have explained about. At "Let it go," the children sang along with the performance.

Production and distribution of handbooks

Also with the support of SARTRAS, we produced and distributed a copyright system guidebook originally edited by New Japan Philharmonic for the September regular concert, the January regular concert, and the February Sumida Classical Music Concert.