Information on the 2023 "Machikado Concert" schedule


With the support of Sumida Ward's hometown tax-paying crowdfunding, we are holding a "Machikado Concert" that creates a place to meet music.

Future "Machikado Concert" Schedule

【墨田区民限定】新日本フィル 「まちかどコンサート」弦楽器お披露目特別版 詳細はこちら
開催日時:2024年3月26日(火) 1回目 14:00~、2回目 17:30~
場所:すみだトリフォニーホール 小ホール
ヴァイオリン:伝田正秀・田村安紗美 ヴィオラ:瀧本麻衣子 チェロ:多田麗王
モーツァルト:ディヴェルティメント ニ長調 K. 136ほか
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Already held "Machikado Concert"

Click here for details on TERMINA Christmas Town Concert
Date and time: December 24, 2023 (Sunday) 1st 11:30~, 2nd 13:30
Location: Termina 5F, near the escalator (free admission)
Violin: Akiko Kishida Eriko Sasaki
Viola: Noriko Daigo
Cello: Samuel Ericsson
When You Wish Upon a Star, Christmas Eve, Christmas Songs, etc.
2nd Machikado Concert in Midori Library - 3rd floor study room Click here for details
Date and time: November 23, 2023 (Thursday/Holiday)
Adult section: 14:00 ~ Parent and child section: 15:00 ~ Approximately 30 minutes each
Click here for details on Yahiro Regional Plaza 10th Anniversary “Amagi no Sato Autumn Festa”
Date and time: October 15, 2023 (Sunday) from around 14:30
place: Sumida Ward Yahiro Regional Plaza Azuma no Sato 
Trumpet: Kazuhiko Ichikawa Junichiro Sugiki
Horn: Marie Fujita
Trombone: Naoto Yamaguchi and others
Program: Flowers, Londonderry songs, etc.
String Quartet Concert Sumida Hokusai Museum “MARUGEN100” Click here to access
Date and time: October 14, 2023 (Sat) from around 15:30
Location: Sumida Hokusai Museum “MARUGEN100” (approx. 30 minutes/free admission/no reservation required/capacity 30 people)
Violin: Eriko Sasaki Momoko Inagaki
Viola: Yuko Hidaka
Cello: Samuel Ericsson
A string quartet will perform masterpieces by Beethoven, Debussy, and more.
Click here for details on the “Sumida Festival/Children’s Festival” gymnasium stage event
Event date and time: Saturday, September 30, 2023 from 10:30 (approx. 30 minutes)
Location: Sumida Ward General Gymnasium
Click here for TERMINA details
Date and time: September 18, 2023 (Monday/Holiday) 1st 11:30~, 2nd 13:30
Place: In front of TERMINA 5F escalator (free admission)
Violin: Sachiko Yamaguchi Chizuru Matsuzaki
Viola: Kuri Katsurada
Cello: Reio Tada

Furusato Tax Payment Type Crowdfunding New Japan Philharmonic What is 2023?

New Japan Philharmonic (New Japan Philharmonic) was formed in 1972 under conductor Seiji Ozawa, and based in Sumida Ward, has performed performance activities, educational activities, and social contribution activities.
Music that has the power to move people's hearts. We believe in this power, and we are striving every day for music activities so that we can convey a lot of excitement to many people. This project is a project to deliver music to a wide range of people who usually have few opportunities to come into contact with music. Thank you for your support.

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