New Japan Philharmonic x Furusato Tax Payment Announcement of the Start of “Energizing People and Towns with the Power of Music 2023”

Public Interest Incorporated Foundation New Japan Philharmonic (Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Chairman Yoshihiko Miyauchi, hereinafter New Japan Philharmonic) is a Furusato Choice “Government Crowdfunding®” “Invigorate people and towns with the power of music.2023project started onTuesday, August 1, 2023.

This project, which started in 2017 as a part of Sumida Ward's "Sumida no Yume Support Subsidy Project" with the aim of "enjoying music close to people who don't usually have the opportunity to go to concerts," is now in its seventh year. It has grown into an annual project with the support of a wide range of customers inside and outside the city.

This year, we have added the "Sumida Experience Project" to our business plan to entertain guests from overseas, and are working to further enhance the content in order to enliven the music town "Sumida."

[Overview of the 2023project]       

・Project name: “Energize people and towns with the power of music 2023” project

・ Name of performer: New Japan Philharmonic (Sumida-ku, Tokyo)
・Publication period: August 1, 2023 (Tuesday) to December 31, 2023 (Sunday)
・Target amount: ¥35,000,000
・Regarding donations: Your support will be used for the spread and development of art and culture.

1. Concert ticket gifts for people who do not usually have the opportunity to go to concerts

(Target: junior and senior high school students in the Tokyo metropolitan area and nationwide, users of medical, welfare, nursing care facilities, etc.)

2. Hospitality for customers from overseas with the Sumida Experience Business

We will carry out a plan that allows you to experience Sumida's cultural arts and historical contents triggered by "music".

3. “Machikado Concert” performance activities on street corners

Musicians go to street corners around Sumida Ward to perform.

4. Creation of past performance recording archives (preservation materials) by Seiji Ozawa and others

In order to preserve the performance record that should be left for the future, we will create CDs, materials, etc.

Gifts: New Japan Philharmonic original jigsaw puzzle, special CD & program booklet replica conducted by Seiji Ozawa,

Concert ticket + Tobu Hotel Levant lunch set pair ticket, VR headset with special content,

Traveling chamber music concerts in Sumida Ward, Mukojima Ryotei Kiyoshi concerts with Kaiseki cuisine, etc.

* Donation amount with return gift is for ¥ 10,000 or more (donation only is accepted from ¥ 1,000)

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If you have any questions, please contact the New Japan Philharmonic Office / Patronage Department.


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