Director Michiyoshi Inoue (Conductor, Director, Choreographer) Musical Opera "A Way from Surrender"

In January 2023, the musical opera"A Wayfrom Surrender" composed Michiyoshi Inoue will be performed for the world premiere.

This work was written over 10 years Michiyoshi Inoue. Depicting the life of Inoue's deceased parents who survived the turbulent times of the Pacific War, through his own roots, sublimated into a work that asks the present what is love, peace, country, and identity. I was.

After the audition held in September last year, the up-and-coming tenor who won the 53rd Japan-Italy Vocal Concorso and the highest rank of the 17th Tokyo Music Competition was selected to play the role of Taro, who could be called Inoue's alter ego. Kazuma Kudo. Their parents, Masayoshi and Michiko, will be played by baritone​ ​Utsuko​ ​Onishi​ ​and soprano Sara Kobayashi, who continue to perform remarkably well both in Japan and overseas.

Inoue x New Japan Philharmonic, who served as the second Music Director of the New Japan Philharmonic (1983-1988) and have collaborated on many occasions since then, forming a deep musical bond. It is still fresh in our memory that the maestro, who is now reaching maturity, recently announced his retirement at the end of December 2024, shocking the classical music world. The maestro, who continues to pursue the music that can only be made now, will give you a full-fledged work for the anniversary season of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the New Japan Philharmonic. Please look forward to it.


General Director (Conductor, Direction, Choreography): Michiyoshi Inoue
Taro (tenor): Kazuma Kudo
Justice (baritone): Atsushi Uchu
Michiko (lyric soprano): Sara Kobayashi
Mami (soprano): Ena Miyaji
Emi (mezzo-soprano): Naoko Totani
Pina (soprano): Erika Colon
<Soprano> Ikufumi Nakagawa, Sayuri Ota
<Mezzo Soprano> Minisa Hirumuta and others
<Tenor> Tomoya Saiki, Masachika Watanabe
<Baritone> Manabu Imai, Hironori Takahashi, Daichi Yamada
<Bass/Bassoprofondo> Hirokazu Nakada and others
Chorus: Senzoku Gakuen related
Taro's alter ego: Ryota Mogi
Reading: Daisuke Oyama
Orchestra: New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra