March 17, 2023 (Friday) 14:00 start

Sumida Classical Music Concert #13 (Friday)

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Childcare service at Sumida Triphony Hall for performances hosted by the New Japan Philharmonic

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*In principle, the deadline is one week before the performance date. However, if one week before falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will be the same day as the weekday. Also, in the case of the "Sumida Classical Music Concert" series, where the same performance spans two days or more, the deadline for both days is one week before the earliest date.

* Please check the website of each organizer to see if they have childcare services outside of the sponsored performance.

The world of Wagner and Bruckner by Eiji Oue, who leaves a big impression on people's hearts. And a piano concerto for Sumida composed by his sworn friend Makoto Ozone. A program to decorate the end of the 50th anniversary season.

There will be a performance with the same content on Saturday, March 18 at Sumida Triphony Hall. Click here for details.

[About Makoto Ozone's Piano Concerto for Sumida]

Makoto Ozone, who is active not only as a pianist but also as a composer, commissioned the New Japan Philharmonic 's 50th anniversary piano concerto to portray "Sumida." I plan to compose music based on many inspirations obtained from exploring the culture and history of Sumida Ward.






Eiji Oue, conductor



Makoto Ozone, piano*



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Same content performance (3/18)

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Organizer: New Japan Philharmonic
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Agency for Cultural Affairs Cultural Arts Promotion Subsidy (Performing Arts Creative Activity Revitalization Project) | Japan Arts Council

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Same content performance (3/18)

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