New Japan Philharmonic

Outreach Projects

Music for Students

Every year, NJP members visit all the public elementary and junior high schools in Sumida Ward to give lessons to the students.

Host: Sumida Triphony Hall

Music to Touch the Heart

NJP members visit welfare institutions where people normally cannot hear live music, such as senior care facilities, day-care facilities and workplaces for disabled persons, health centers, childcare facilities, and hospitals (mainly in Sumida Ward), and play music for the people in such facilities.

Host: Sumida Triphony Hall

Music for the Community

NJP holds full-scale concerts in the gymnastic halls of elementary and junior high schools in Sumida Ward. These schools are selected as event sites because of their central roles of binding the local community together.

Host: Sumida Triphony Hall

My Very First Concert

Mini concerts for babies, hosted by Sumida Ward.

Host: Sumida Triphony Hall

Secrets of Music Making

Interactive workshops in which participants and NJP members work together to compose music.

Host: Sumida Triphony Hall and others

Music Appreciation for Students

Music appreciation held at the Sumida Triphony Hall for all elementary school 5th- and 6th-graders and junior high school 2nd-graders in Sumida Ward.

Host: Sumida Ward Board of Education

Coaching for the Triphony Junior Orchestra

NJP members coach members of the Triphony Junior Orchestra.

Host: Sumida Triphony Hall

Triphony Junior Orchestra

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