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Know the New Japan Philharmonic | Activities at Sumida Ward

Main activities rooted in "Sumida"

Following the declaration of the Sumida Ward music city concept in 1988, the New Japan Philharmonic which got the home of the wonderful music activity called "Sumida Trifony Hall" can be said to be an orchestra rooted in Sumida Ward.
With growing interest in the relationship between art and society, we are expanding our activities throughout the city as a collaborative work with the hall and developing programs to meet the diverse needs that are more contented.


Direct broadcast! Exciting / tokoton music road

Elementary school "Trifony and Shin Nippon Philharmonic Orchestra, Wakuwaku Music Road"
Junior high school "Trifony and Shin Nippon Philharmonic Orchestra, Tocotone Music Road"

Group members will visit all public elementary and junior high schools in Sumida Ward, music delivery class. Every year at all schools.
With the music room as the venue, you will experience the instruments, the variegated sounds, the songs you hear for the first time, the stereoscopic feeling of raw sounds, and the breath of musicians at hand. (Business name: elementary and junior high school music instruction project)


Fureai concert

Elderly care facilities, handicapped person Day service, workplace, health center, nursery facility, hospital, etc. Welfare facilities in Sumida Ward, mainly deliver raw music to people with less opportunity to touch music regularly A visiting performance by a member. It is held about 20 times a year.
A lot of favorite songs and nostalgic songs, the memories of the other side are awakened and given the vitality of living again, people and music are echoing sites.


Community concert

Full-fledged concert at full elementary school gymnasium in Sumida Ward, full orchestra. The vibrations of the sound transmitted to the floor of the gymnasium, the breathing of the orchestra feels with the reach of the hands, the customer and the musicians are one with a sense of presence different from the concert hall.
The school as a central role of linking the communities becomes a concert venue, so that "Music" simply plays the role of playing the role of building a city connecting people and people.

  • Every year since 1989
  • Orchestra performance fee is free


Sumida music project for children "First time concert"

A concert from the age of 0, performed in the community, born from the concept of wanting to value the "music association" that is sensitive to changes in surroundings such as sound, breadth, air, and emotions.
Considering the viewpoints of families living with infants, they are mini concerts that allow parents and children to experience the charm of live music both in time and space.


Music making workshop

Workshop closer to the secrets of music with orchestra members. While playing, combining, and overlapping sounds, everyone creates one song.
The experience of playing one song by everyone while feeling music with the body, communicating with leaders and colleagues is exactly the performance of the orchestra. It is a sensory workshop that unravels secrets of music.


Sumida Ward Music appreciation class for elementary and junior high school students

Elementary school fifth and sixth graders in Sumida Ward and second grader in junior high school are all music listening classes that listen to live orchestras at Sumida Trifony Hall.

  • Every year since 1997
  • Orchestra performance fee is free

Organized by : Sumida Ward Board of Education

Performance guidance of Trifony Hall · junior · orchestra

Musicians of the New Japan Philharmonic are in charge of the performance guidance of the Trifony Hall · junior · orchestra.
Violin, viola, flute, trumpet · · · · Percussion instruments are assigned by one lecturer at every part as a trainer.

  • Practice frequency: once a week on average
  • Started in 2005 (started from string quartet in those days) conducted



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Performance in Sumida-ku Adult ceremony

Every year, string members of the New Japan Philharmonic have got live performances in a party celebrating the adult of Sumida Ward held at Sumida Trifony Hall (so-called adult ceremony). It consists of request songs from new adults.

Organized by : Sumida-ku

Implementation of citizens discount for each concert ticket

There is a discount fee for Sumida-ku if you are living and working in Sumida-ku.

  • すみだクラシックへの扉
  • New Year's Concert
  • Parent-child concert
  • Summer concert etc.


A state of "Okpan" performance in 2016

Invited Sumida citizen for open rehearsal

We invite citizens by lottery to the rehearsal of the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra (about once a year).
We are looking for something like Sumida Ward news.


Acceptance of junior high school student · workplace experiences

"Workplace experience" is a learning activity that experiences experiences of occupations and jobs, working with people who work, through working in the workplace.
So far students have visited and experienced various work being done behind the orchestra management and the concert production.

  • FY2011: 1 school 1 person
  • Fiscal 2010: 1 school 3 people
  • FY2009: 12 schools in 2 schools
  • Fiscal year 2008: 13 students in 2 schools

Wakuwaku music hall @ Daisanazuma Elementary School, helping in workplace experience learning Sumida Ward middle school student