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New Japan Philharmonic

New Japan Philharmonic

"Let's do music together!"In 1972,Conductor · Seiji OzawaOriginally founded as a voluntary orchestra by singer.
Since then, it has gained popularity with excellent planning and fulfilling performances.

Since 1997, relocated to Sumida-ku, a historical and traditional city known for the Katsushika Hokusai birth place, Kokugikan etc.
With Sumida Triphony Hall of the same year as the base of its activities, we introduced Japan's first full-fledged franchise to perform routine practice and performances.Lostropovich 's "Shostakovich Festival" held after that and Moriya Inoue "Mahler Zikrus - Symphony Full Concert Concert ~" etc. have gotten a very high reputation.

Currently, in addition to conducting regular concerts and singing concerts at Sumida Triphony Hall and Suntory Hall, he is also vigorously performing regionally-based performances, such as visiting local school gyms, elementary and junior high school music classes, various facilities .

Seiji Ozawa ©M.Okubo

From the summer of 2004Musician · Joe HisaishiAnd a new project "New Japan Philharmonic World Dream Orchestra"In addition to launching,Voluntary ideas of singers "chamber music series" and both have gained high evaluation and popularity.Also, as a collaboration with Joe Hisaishi the orchestra of the movie "Spirited Away" (released in 2002) "Howl's Moving Castle" (released in 2004), latest work "Ponyo on the Cliff" (released in 2008) In charge, I have expanded the place of further activities.

In addition to this, the European Performance with Seiji Ozawa (1985), Seiji Ozawa, Russian Concert with Rothroppovich in Russia (1998), the 30th anniversary of Japan-China friendship with Seiji Ozawa · Chinese Performance (2002), Spain Performance (2004), etc, all got high evaluation at the site.

Frans Bruggen ©K.Miura

Evaluation of the concert and opera with directing was always high, in addition to calling up a topic in the first premiere of "Leonore" Japan, in 2006 "Jeanne d'Arc on the convoy" was acclaimed at each paper, the 3rd Mitsubishi Trust Music Award Encouragement Prize Awarded. In the following 2007 "Lohengrin", "Batomari", 2008 "Rose's Knight", 10 years "Pereas and Merisand", 11 years "Tristan and Isolde" also gained the greatest praise.

In July 2009 he was awarded the 18th Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Music Award for Orchestra Franz Schmidt Composition Oratory Tori "Seven Seals" and was the first orchestra award winner in history.Live show recording of this performance has also gained high praise.
In addition, in February 2009, which was 200 years after Haydn's death, "Haydn Project" by French Brüchen Produce was held, and received the 22nd Music and Pen Club Music Award for acclaim.In February 1911 it won again high reputation at the Beethoven Project which will be a sequel.

Daniel Harding ©K.Miura

From 2010-2011 season, Daniel Harding joined the conductor group as Music Partner of NJP.
In June 2011, the charity concert for "East Japan great earthquake" himself experienced in Tokyo was picked up by each paper and enthusiastically greeted.In addition, the official inaugural performance performed on the day of the earthquake became a documentary program (NHK Integrated Television) called "Mahler on March 11", and he received great reaction.
Following the summer of 2011, in August 2012, we held a Chinese performance with director Kazuhiro Koizumi in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the foundation and the 40th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China.

Ingo Metzmacher ©K.Miura

Since the 2013-2014 season, German conductor Ingo · Metz Mach has joined the conductor newly as Conductor in Residence (~ August 2015), two headed regime with Harding started.A unique program combining contemporary songs such as Zimmerman and Varese, with Beethoven and R. Strauss called for a hot topic.In September 2013 inaugural showcase performance, he took up the first act of "Valkyrie" in a concert form and showed his skill to fame in the European opera theater.
In May 2014, organized by Orix, a special sponsorship company, performed at three places in Busan, Suwon, Seoul in Korea, and succeeded.

The # 531 Regular Concert in October 2014 <Conductor: Ingo Mets Mach) is a public benefit foundation Affinis Cultural Foundation "The Organized by a professional orchestra as a master of music culture, Japan or regional music It was chosen as "affinium emblem" which is recognized as a project of meaning to the world "and is subsidizing carefully selected orchestra performances.

Toshiyuki Kamioka ©K.Miura

Conductor · Toshiyuki KamiokaIn September 2016, as a music director, in April 2015 he assumed office as an artistic advisor.

As recordings, including Mahler "Symphony No. 1" with the new music director · Toshiyuki Ueoka, Mahler "The Song of Lamentation" (first edition version) "Bruckner: Symphony No. 7" "Argerich Piano Concerto / Schumann & Chopin" Symphony No. 3 "," Mahler: Symphony No. 5 "," Mahler: Symphonies "Echo song" "Beethoven: Symphony No. 9" Chorus "" BEST / WAGNER "" Brahms: Symphony No. 1 & Mahler: Symphony No. 3 " "」 "Franz Schmidt Composition Oratorio" Book with Seven Seals "" Verdi Requiem "and others are released.

©Yuji Hori


"Japan Orchestra always pursuing new musicality" It is "the New Japan Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra".