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Concert | Subscription concert :TOPAZ

Music scene, taste, sensibility of the listener.

Respond to each, three gems, three impressions. Please enjoy the thought in a beautiful jewel.
The regular concert of the New Japan Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra Topaz, Jade, Ruby Three programs are available.
Topaz, Jade, Ruby Three programs are available.


The truth of the New Japan Philharmonics competing hard.
You can taste a special moment that you can only see "now".

Origin of the stone name "Topaz" has a theory originating from the Greek word "Topazos".
As the name implies, this series is Sumida Triphony Hall, the headquarters, this is pursuit of "the sound of the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra", the true heart. It is a bridge that aims at the highest peak of the international level, and it is a series that you can enjoy the real pleasure of refining the New Japan Philharmonic and its concert more and more with the hands of everyone from audience seats.