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Concert | Regular Concert: RUBY

Music scene, taste, sensibility of the listener.

Respond to each, three gems, three impressions. Please enjoy the thought in a beautiful jewel.
The regular concert of the New Japan Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra Topaz, Jade, Ruby Three programs are available.
Topaz, Jade, Ruby Three programs are available.


Concert "masterpieces" that makes your own special afternoon shine more vividly

The afternoon concert series which is the easiest and most lightly enjoyable is ruby. It is a series that is suitable for the origin of the stone, a very passionate and energetic program runs through a series. Why do not you create "new masterpieces" and "new classic stuff" with the "strongest" state maestroes who have drawn the program of yourself from listened songs to rare gems? There are plans that color the performances, including lunch plans and lectures filled with stories behind the scenes. It is also recommended to play "Sumida no Machi" starting from the triphony hall.

Friday and Sunday each day 14:00 Sumida Trifony Hall