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Music Director

Toshiyuki Kamioka

Toshiyuki Kamioka
She studied conducting at Martin Melzer at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and learns composing, piano and violin in parallel.
Later on, as a Rotary International Scholar studied at Hamburg Music College and studied under Klaus Peter · Seibel.

Began a career at the theater as Kiel Municipal Theater Solo · Colleptitol and Capelmeister.
Hessen State Opera Music General Director, North West Germany / Phil Chief Conductor, Saarland State Opera Music General Director, Wuppertal State Opera Instrument and General Director of Music.
The soldier Wuppertal Symphony made the two Japanese tours a huge success.

From September 2016 he took over as the 4th music director of the New Japan Philharmonic. He also serves as Principal Conductor of Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra and Conducting Professor of Saarbrücken College of Music.
Awarded the 15th Watanabe Akio Music Festival Music Prize / Special Award 2007, the 13th Honda Saitoh Hideo Memorial Fund Award in 2014.

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